Whether we all are working for marketing?

A few years back, I was working for a startup. CEO of that companies use to tell that “All of us are working for Sales”. Today, I am thinking is that really true? Do we all really work for sales? Actually, I think we all are working for marketing.

I know what you are thinking? Is Sanjiv out of his mind? What is he talking about? We are Software Engineers and busy with our day by day sprint tasks. What is this sale, marketing?  Well, well sometime we should talk offbeat topic. Let us talk about marketing and how our role is so crucial as a marketer.

Let us start with a simple marketing model.










Purpose of marketing has remained the same communicate, make sure good and services are delivered, we make money and loop back customer feedback to improve our services and products. What has changed that which makes our participation so important in this system? Let us take a historical perspective of marketing. How marketing has evolved with time?


















We look at how marketing is evolving but what is the difference and how it fits the marketing system we described above.
















As you can observe in the table above marketing 3.0 is value driven. It is dependent on how better we making the customer world a better place. What is the new wave of technology we are bringing and using? It treats customer as whole and complete human being Mind, heart and sprit. Most important it is no longer top-down one to one information flow. It is actually many to many communications both ways.

Do you notice now why I think that we all are working for marketing? If you have not figured out yet have a look at yellow boxes in above table again.  

We have multiple examples in yahoo account how value created at in one business unit has helped us in getting business in other part of the organization. E.g. Yahoo India, yahoo real state, yahoo C&C and many more projects are in pipeline because of what we have created “Functional, emotional and spiritual value “in our area of work. In reality, customer is just not looking for deliverables any more. He is looking for value created, confidence built in the ability and connects we have developed in the eco-system of delivery team.

So as a marketer what we do? We all are the interface points to the customer. Yes, two hundred of us.  What we do and what we talk is the means of marketing and brand making of HCL? Talk good and create value is the mantra for our growth. Period!