Web 2.0 Architecture
ABSTRACTWeb 2.0 is all about interactive user experience using evolving technologies with web collaboration.  A Web 2.0 site allows [...]
If you develop Web applications that have an international target audience, then you have to take internationalization into account. [...]
Urban Indicators Using Spectrals Indices
Urban Sustainability has become a global pursuit with government agencies in the United States offering programs, technical assistance, and [...]
How to get Cross Browser Compatibility Every Time
SUMMARY A quick summary of the important points which would be helpful in achieving cross browser compatibility. Always use strict [...]
Serve Side JavaScripting for connected devices user experience
ABSTRACT During the last ten years there is a rapid change in devices used for web browsing. From powerful desktop to mobile to all [...]
A Simple and Readily Integratable Approach to Toxicity Prediction
A simple, highly extensible computational strategy to assess compound toxicity has been developed with the premise that a compound's [...]