Web 2.0 Architecture
ABSTRACTWeb 2.0 is all about interactive user experience using evolving technologies with web collaboration.  A Web 2.0 site allows [...]
LAMP: Linux Apache MySQL PHP
LAMP stands for Linux-Apache-MySQL-PHP. Instead of PHP, Perl and Python are also used. This is a free and lightweight alternative to [...]
Website Navigation Design Patterns
Primary Navigation - Top horizontal bar navigation, Vertical bar/sidebar navigation, Tabs navigation Secondary Navigation [...]
If you develop Web applications that have an international target audience, then you have to take internationalization into account. [...]
Whether we all are working for marketing?
A few years back, I was working for a startup. CEO of that companies use to tell that “All of us are working for Sales”. Today, I am [...]
Urban Indicators Using Spectrals Indices
Urban Sustainability has become a global pursuit with government agencies in the United States offering programs, technical assistance, and [...]
How to get Cross Browser Compatibility Every Time
SUMMARY A quick summary of the important points which would be helpful in achieving cross browser compatibility. Always use strict [...]
Designing Scalable Web: Patterns
Databases: Unless we’re doing a lot of file serving, the database is the toughest part to scale,  If we can, best to avoid the issue [...]
Introduction to Scrum
A user story is a brief statement of intent that describes something the system needs to do for [...]