Ethics and Data Science
While data science offers the ability to find patterns in data and innovate new data products for the greater social good, it is ethically [...]
Analytics over Open Data
Open data, processed with data science applications, can present design alternatives to the traditional structures of government, offering [...]
Vehicle Type and Pollutant Emission
Vehicular emission has become a major source of pollution in many areas. Traffic pollution causes a significant increase in carbon monoxide [...]
What is Open Data?
Government by legal processes collects a significant amount of data about people, properties, licenses, crimes, public health and a wide [...]
Who is a Chief Data Officer?
The Chief Data Officer has a significant measure of responsibility for determining what kinds of information the government will choose to [...]
Capacity Planning : Web Operations
Capacity planning - is the process of determining the resources required to meet the priority plan and methods needed to make that capacity [...]
Web 2.0 Architecture
ABSTRACTWeb 2.0 is all about interactive user experience using evolving technologies with web collaboration.  A Web 2.0 site allows [...]
LAMP: Linux Apache MySQL PHP
LAMP stands for Linux-Apache-MySQL-PHP. Instead of PHP, Perl and Python are also used. This is a free and lightweight alternative to [...]
Website Navigation Design Patterns
Primary Navigation - Top horizontal bar navigation, Vertical bar/sidebar navigation, Tabs navigation Secondary Navigation [...]